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The Freelander was introduced in 1997 with the Freelander 2 being released in 2006. This was the first time that Land Rover had tried to make a car-like vehicle with off-road abilities and it was also the first vehicle that Land Rover had designed that wasn’t built on a chassis.

Available in two- and four-door bodies, all Freelanders of the same generation are actually the same size - 101” wheelbase for Series 1, 104.7” for the Series 2. Being designed more as a car, the Freelander does not have the same complex mechanical transmission used in most other Land Rover products, instead utilising a lot of electronic controls and driving aids. This reliance on black box technology does allow a Freelander to punch well above its weight in terms of ability in relation to its size, but may yet prove to be the life-limiting factor of Freelanders.

The Freelander 2 is based on the Ford EUCD platform (which is also used as the base for the Range Rover Evoque) and uses a Volvo 3.2 straight-six engine or a PSA Peugeot Citroën 2.2 Diesel. In any guise, the Freelander packs a surprising amount of punch and off-road ability - don’t be fooled by the softer, more rounded lines of the earlier models, which are now old enough to start becoming regarded as classics in their own right.

Freelander 1 V6 Auto petrol

5-door body, leather interior, heated front seats, air con. 100,400 miles. Timing belts have been replaced, new rear door seal, driver’s window regulator replaced, full service carried out.

In good condition but with a few age-related scratches to paintwork. Will be sold with a new MOT.

£1,500 ono